Hi, my name is Megan Leigh Willy!
I am a Brooklyn-based Researcher, Sustainable Strategist, and Lifetime Learner. who takes a fearless approach to future-focused, ethically sustainable systems' design from a transdisciplinary & participatory design perspective. I use design methods to investigate complex systems, navigate social hierarchies, and mobilize communities through fostering agency, access, and awareness. I currently work as a freelance Transdisciplinary Design Researcher & Strategist in projects related to holistic well-being, participatory governing, and sustainability. My professional passion lies in projects that better facilitate the cultural overlaps and economic conversations globally.​​​​​​​
I am fluent in both Spanish, English, and a variety of creative software; possess key skills in group facilitation and leadership from over a decade of experience working in higher education; and in a cooperative housing project in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. 

I am an enthusiast stilt-walker, long-distance runner, avid urban cyclist, and have lived in over 20 different cities.